You dislike consultants? We do, too! That’s why we see ourselves more like Business Angels,
supporting you during your growth phase with
an interest in your long-term success.



Unfortunately, setting up a company in Germany is not easy, especially if you are not speaking German and are not familiar with the intricacies of German bureaucracy. We make this process easy for you – no matter of you’d like to establish a legal entity straight away or only need a postal address initially.

  • Advising on best legal setup for your needs & plans
  • Setting up a legal entity (KG, GmbH, GmbH & Co. KG or AG)
  • Filing all legal documents & mandatory business registrations
  • Supplying office address & opening bank account



In Germany, having localized products and services is key. Normally, this would require hiring a team of German natives straight away – which is frequently neither easy nor financially efficient. We’ll help you to minimize the initial cost of setting up your offering in German.

  • Setting up your website / online shop/ app in German
  • Translation of all marketing & sales materials
  • Providing customer service in German



As you know, the German market is huge – and Germans actually love to shop online! If you operate within the e-commerce space or have a direct vertical brand, we’ll help you take advantage of the German market by setting you up to sell, sell, sell.

  • Setting up your SEO-optimized online shop in Shopify, WooCommerce or another shop system
  • Setting up & optimizing performance marketing campaigns, including GoogleAds, GoogleShopping, BingAds
  • Setting up your German social media accounts & running ads on Facebook and Instagram
  • Reaching out to German (social media) influencers and experts within your space



Amazon is the single most dominating force in the German e-commerce market and offers by far the biggest opportunity for anyone selling products online in Germany. We know how to “play the Amazon Game” and set up you for success on their platform.

  • Setting up your Amazon.de seller account, including filing all required legal documents
  • Creating high-quality product listings, optimized for Amazon's search algorithm
  • Providing on-going account services, including customer support & product review management
  • Running optimized ads on Amazon.de to generate more sales for your listings



No matter if you want to start with a local German team right away or only after having tested the waters first – we’ll support you in finding the best people as well as building a high-performing team culture.

  • Advising on the optimal team structure and resource needs for your ambitions
  • Recruiting team members with the right fit for your company and the necessary skills for being successful in the German market
  • Stepping in as Interim Country Head to implement your approach to management & leadership
  • Supporting you in finding working space that fosters a productive work environment



We hate standard solutions – every founder and every business is different! Goals, resources and ambitions for entering a new market vary a lot from company to company. That’s why we help you to define a custom approach or your needs & vision.

  • Conducting market & competition research for the German market
  • Consulting you on M&A activities, including researching potential targets and establishing negotiations
  • Identifying local strategic partners that can help you to boost growth



Taxes, contracts, regulatory filings – yeah, it’s annoying. Especially since it’s all conducted in bureaucratic German with these unnecessarily long words. We can’t say that we love it (who does?) – but we’ll take care of it for you, nevertheless.

  • Setting up an accounting structure
  • Filing all mandatory tax reports & returns
  • Providing & reviewing commercial as well as employment contracts
  • Liaising & communicating with government authorities if and when required